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  • seo for business 3 Websites for Creative Entrepreneurs

    There was a time that creatives are mostly known to provide their services to business owners, often helping them in their marketing and advertising. However, this has changed as artists are now establishing their own businesses—putting creative entrepreneurs as one of the current key players in the business industry. Whether you are selling handmade crafts […]

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  • Web Design Terms that Every Business Owner Should Know

    Everyone excels at something—it could be performing, creating arts, writing, cooking, teaching, or running a business. And for small business owners who are looking to have their first business website, it’s always great to work with a team that understands each other. To help you breeze through this challenge, here are some web design and […]

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  • Minimalism: Why So Popular Online?

    Minimalism started a long time ago and these days, it seems like more and more people are leaning towards it. A crisp design, subtle yet elegant detail, a clean interface–these are what most customers are looking for. Still in doubt? Just check out Apple’s very minimalistic design on their products. No flashy design, no frills, […]

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